I felt the Spirit of the Lord moving on me and the Holy Spirit stirring me to "look"
After waiting for a minute i saw the form of a man standing as if he had been hunched over. He had been reaching into the ground deep under the earth and gathering diamonds. Then I saw his arms outstretch and hold the diamonds out palms up. The diamonds were formed into a crown that adorned his head and shown with glory. Everyone saw the diamonds and were amazed at his authority. Even though the diamonds went into his crown, I saw a man crafting the crown and fitting the diamonds in it, there were still multiple diamonds in his hand as he stood. There were to many for him to hold. They were falling out of his hands.
I see a winged throne coming for the crowned man to sit in. I see him moving over the land releasing diamonds to people waiting below to catch them. They are eating them! Swallowing them whole like a thirsty man gulps down water. They are greedy for them. Some of the diamonds fall on peoples hands and their hands catch on fire. Everyone rejoices when this happens and the fire bearers carry it high like a trophy shouting and excited. the man on the winged throne smiles and throws more diamonds at the crowd rejoicing and excited over the fire. These many diamonds explode in fire over the crowd and rain down on them as they dance with joy.

I don't know what any of this means I only know I saw it. It was not a dream. I was sitting at my desk at work.
any interpretations?
Let me know!