When I woke up this morning I felt such a sweet sense of His presence. Jesus and I talked a while and I really heard Him say that He is freeing me to do what my heart truly longs to do and that is to just want Him. All my life I have wanted more of Jesus. Sometimes I buried that want with worries or fears or sins but my heart has still ached for Him continually since the day I was born. More recently I have chosen to allow that hunger to run my life but still religion and my own self righteousness have demanded that I want other things too. Things like the salvation of the lost, or to be a better person, or to feel His presence, or to see a miracle. None of these things are bad and all of them are important and should be desires of my heart, but they can never be THE Desire of my heart. Even a desire for the salvation of the lost is NO SUBSTITUTE for a desire for HIM. So today let us start fresh. Let us choose to desire Him and only Him for the rest of our lives, and see where that gets us. I can guarantee we will see the salvation of the lost. I can promise we will see miracles. I can promise we will become better people. I can promise we WILL be surrounded by His presence at all times. I ask this question to a lot of people but it is SO vital! What is the First Commandment? Matt 22:37

“Love the Lord you God with all of your heart, your mind, and your strength”

When will we make this our first commandment? When will you make this YOUR first commandment? Before breathe in breathe out should come Love the Lord. Before eat this or drink that should come Love the Lord.

Oh Holy Spirit show us how to live this way! Jesus free us to follow the true thirst of our hearts!

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