Most who know me know that my life verse is Romans 11:33-36 in fact the name of this blog "From Him Through Him To Him" is from those blessed verses. These verses are the apostle Paul kind of exploding in praise after taking a tour of the mind of God for a few chapters. Paul was exploring God's plans for Israel but I think this kind of praise follows any real revelation of the realities of God.
The reason these are my life verses is because this is my inheritance. My Hope, my joy, my life is all for and about this pursuit. BEHOLDING HIS BEAUTY! Is there any higher pleasure? Any deeper Joy? Any more worthy use of time energy and brain power? NO NO NO! This IS what Heaven will be! Any time the human mind is caught on fire with that everlasting burning that IS GOD we are doing what we were created to do above all else!

In John 14 Jesus says that to know God IS eternal life. Indeed! Then this IS all I want. To know God. Every time I get a fresh view of God I am FILLED with life eternal. The life more abundant promised by Jesus is mine in this. Knowing God. Jesus came to give life and that more abundant. Jesus came to show us the Father, this IS the life more abundant he described. In John 1 it says that in Jesus was LIFE and that LIFE was the LIGHT of men. OH I want to know this man! Holy Spirit show me His beauty!

I want to invite anyone who reads this into this joy! KNOW GOD! Search Him out!
OH the depths of the RICHES of the wisdom and the knowledge of God they are far beyond me to fully comprehend! For From Him Through Him and to Him be all THINGS to God be the Glory Forever!!!!