A couple of days ago I was discouraged. (side note: isn't that an interesting word? If you look at it dis-couraged it must mean your courage was taken away or made useless. hmm) I was praying but I was restless. There was a problem (I am going to leave out where the problem was to protect the innocent), but I wanted to take everything in my hands and FIX this problem myself. I couldn't do that due to the nature of the problem and THAT made me restless! That is what made my courage useless (I like it ((lots of parenthesis today huh!)).
Well as usual my wonderful God had a plan in the midst of it all. I was complaining to God about the fact that HE wouldn't let ME fix this issue, when God for lack of a better term told me to SHUT UP! (yes, God DOES talk that way).
He said simply. "I want to teach you the Glory of being an intercessor."
"What?" was my only reply.
"I am taking your hands off of EVERYTHING so I can teach you that the place of the intercessor is to be more cherished by you than the place of the hero, the mechanic, Mr Fix it. The place of hiding I am putting you in between porch and altar. I want you to despise what you can do and LOVE what I can do."
"Ugh"was my reply this time.
I wanted to FIX this I didn't want to PRAY about it! (yeah I know "what a jerk" your saying).
I knew I could enter the situation like superman and fix the problem with one flash of my heat vision! God said NO. He wanted me praying and interceding and counting on Him to do this HIS way. Ugh indeed. In truth I am still a little angry about it! (I'm sure you can't tell!)

Despise what I can do and LOVE what He can do. That's not easy. How many times does he put us in the situation of helplessness to teach us He is our help. How often do we rush in without thinking and steal from God the opportunity to show us His mercy?

THIS one my friends is going to take me some time to digest.
Helplessness and Hiddeness are the glory of the intercessor!