An odd title perhaps, but an apt one, as this blog has primarily to do with my walk with God. I have entered an odd time in my life that I have no previous experience to help explain. I don't mean to be dramatic, in fact there is NOTHING dramatic about it! I feel good, I feel God close, All is seemingly well, but silent. I am hearing nothing. I read the Bible and get good understanding but no deep and shaking revelation. I worship and feel His pleasure, but no direction. I pray and know He is listening but I receive no response.
Really this would be no problem or question in my heart other than this feeling of transition that won't go away. It feels like....I missed a turn, or missed my bus stop, or didn't get off the subway at my station. Oh God I HATE to have missed a prompting from your Spirit! I have prayed about it of course. I have begged God to help me understand. I don't know. I just don't know. If you read this please pray for me, that God would make it clear if I am to repent Oh I will! God reveal it! Show me how to get back on track. Or if I am indeed where you want me then give me assurance of it. So Satan has no ground to stand on.

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