As we prayed last night before youth, I was overcome with fire. I have never to my knowledge ever felt fire like that on me before. I was weak I could not stand I began weeping and have not really stopped weeping since (it is now Thursday morning,) or rather I am always only a breath away from crying. I don't know what this is about. Just desperation, that is all I can feel.

Honestly - I feel like we know nothing of God. We think we do but in reality we don't know Him at all, we don't really believe him, we don't really trust Him. We trust ourselves and our understanding and we only USE God and His word to make ourselves feel righteous, and wise, and to make us look righteous and wise in the eyes of men. That is the reality of my heart Oh God forgive me! Show me truth. Lead me past foolishness to heart reality. In Jesus name

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