If there is one thing in my Christian walk that I do not yet understand it is this. Hearing the voice of God. People in Bible times KNEW what the will of God was. There was no, "well maybe it is and maybe not", no wishy washy nonsense. It was always very clear and precise. No questions.
The children of Israel had a pillar of cloud/fire to lead them around. Others were visited by angels. What is the deal! I am jealous! I want to be led like that!
My little family is at a major cross-roads. I feel like the Lord is leading us one way, but I am not sure of how to get there. Wisdom would tell me one thing, but my heart another.

What I want more than anything is a CLEAR WORD that cannot be denied! Clear direction that cannot be argued with or misunderstood.

I so desperately want to know what HE wants me to do! I so desperately want to understand why I am in the places that I am in! I so desperately want some clarity. Is that so much to ask?

Father I am your son. I deeply long to be obedient and walk in a way that pleases you. I want to go where you are leading me. Give me wisdom and revelation of your will for my life. Put my feet on your path and guide me. Even if your path is one I don't particularly want to be on I will be happy to know that I am where YOU want me. All I ask is that you make it abundantly clear to me what path that is and how to get from here to there. If you just want me to stay put then make that clear too. I love you

Anyone that reads this Please I beg you pray for me! I must know!