I was worshiping a few days ago and I asked God, as I often do, to give me Wisdom and Revelation. I am so glad I did. Almost immediately I started understanding things about God in a deeper way than usual. Head knowledge became heart knowledge and my emotions expanded. I began to just really enjoy everything about Jesus.
I have experienced things like this before but today was deeper than before. I felt like I could swim in that sea of pure joy forever and never get tired and never get bored. I was in the midst of this when the Spirit whispered to me. "This is really all I ever want from you. You get to do this forever!" My joy overflowed! God's highest desire for my heart is that I endlessly enjoy Jesus. Isn't that what Jesus said. The first and GREATEST commandment is to love the Lord your God with all of your heart mind and strength!!!

Wow how different is God than any of His imitators! They all say, "just serve me and do what I tell you to do and maybe just maybe you will get to come and be with me forever!" How horrible a promise! No wonder the world hates religion!

The real God says, "Come and love me for I am infinitely enjoyable! Come and enjoy me forever and ever that is all I want from you!!!!!"

This experience was part of something I am beginning to study out.
"The Burning I have for you is the burning of Delight" I will take more time to discuss that reality as I understand it better, but this, I think, was a taste of it! What He wants most from us is for us to enjoy HIM forever!

yeah I can do that!