Joy a Godly definition - the commanded fruit of the Spirit which is the direct byproduct of communion with Jesus. It is the strength that comes with agreement with the delight of the heart of God despite every surrounding circumstance. The unshakable knowledge that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. That everything that happens on this earth and in this life, no matter how soul crushing, disappointing, and or confusing, is a gift given by God to lead you deeper into love with Him, and that in the END we will thank Him for every wound and say, without offense, "your judgments are righteous and true!"
Joy is our inheritance, our duty, our privilege, our strength, and our witness! Joy is Christians in the coliseum rejoicing as lions ripped them to shreds. Joy is worshiping by the bedside of your spouse as cancer eats them alive. Joy is dancing with abandon as worship rises to Heaven. Joy is the Christian lifestyle in the valley and on the mountain top. Saying Blessed be the Name of the Lord when He is doing more taking away than He is giving.

In short Joy is delighting in God and being delighted in by Him...forever.

God is full of joy! He sings over us! He rejoices with the angels when one sinner comes back to Him! He runs to the prodigal son as soon as He sees his frame on the horizon coming home. He is ravished by one look of the eye of His beloved! Jesus rejoiced when the 72 came back with the good report! Jesus rejoiced when Peter received revelation of The Christ the Son of the Living God, and for the JOY set before Him Jesus endured the cross scorning the shame.

The Bible is full of Joy!
And God's people should walk with joy! All it takes is a better perspective! Even when we are weeping we should be full of joy! Why? Because He will never leave us or forsake us. The truth is STILL true and we are found in HIM! The way, the truth, and the Life! Jesus our great reward!
John 16:16-22

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