, wow, wow, wow, wow. Jesus is the most thoughtful, gentle and loving shepherd/groom I could ever imagine. Last week I had some very deeply troubling things happen later in the week (I am not at liberty to say much as to their nature, sorry about that). I was hurt and confused, angry and broken about all of it. My heart was broken. My wife didn't know what to do. I saw no end to my misery. I tried over and over to buck up and smile and recover my composure to no avail. I was crushed. I didn't know how to feel or react. My only joys were knowing that I was loved by the Lord and He knew what He was doing and that my family and friends deeply love me. I felt that support under me like solid ground. Thank you guys for that and thank you Jesus for that.
I didn't know what I was going to do.
Then Sunday came. The whole day was seemingly tailor made for my renewal of heart. My God rescued me from the depths of depression and pain and became the hero of my heart again! He spoke through the worship time, he had my Daddy and elders in the church gather round me one by one and pray for me. He spoke through the sermon in ways I never dreamed he would!
Today I stand once again an amazed recipient of His abounding love!
Who can tell of the great love of the Lord! How He watches over His little ones! How he knows the heart of every man! Even the suffering of the Lord is shot through with Joy because there is no despair in the heart of the Lord!!!! I will give my life for this treasure! To be loved by the lover of the ages! He is my portion! He is my rock! My sure foundation! My ever flowing fountain! There is no one like Him!

Isn't it amazing! He walks us through the valley of the shadow of death because He knows how we will rejoice when we realize that even there we are in the palm of His HAND!!!
I could never have learned this of Him if I hadn't had the weekend that I had.

Jesus I don't mind the depths of depression if it means I get to see you on your white horse riding down into those depths to save me!
You truly are the Hero of my heart!
I love you

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