As Christmas approaches at light speed, I cannot get away from the desire to be at home constantly. I don't think there is anything wrong with that really but I just noticed today how much I just feel like hanging out with my family and maybe some close friends. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything, I just want to hang out at home and relax! Maybe it is because I get so little oppurtunity to do that on a weekly basis. I like feeling this way though. No restless bordom it's nice.

One Time when I was singing with the band and just flowing no songs we were singing about Heaven and going home and this phrase came into my head that made me cry. I sang - "Do I really get to stay forever?" When we get home to Heaven and are lost in the beauty of His eyes I can imagine one of the greatest joys of the whole thing is the understanding that we will NEVER have to leave. What will that be like? Endless fascination, Endless Desire, Endless satisfaction. Oh Lord That is what I was created for!!!!

I can't wait to stay forever