Oh I am hungry for Revival right now. I have spent some time on the web lately reading about current revivals going on across the world. In India schools have been inundated by the power of God. Whole days of classes have been canceled as the Holy Spirit drops in on their morning assemblies. Angels are showing up in the skies over their prayer and worship meetings. Children are having visions and dreams all with the same message. "Jesus is coming soon be ready". In Columbia whole cities and communities have been and are being revolutionized by the power of God. Murder and other crimes are being replaced with worship and prayer.
I hear these stories and I am provoked. - Why are we not seeing these things here? I believe there can only be one answer.

We aren't hungry or desperate enough!!!
If we were hungry we would pray no not that wimpy stuff we CALL prayer we would actually pray! If we were hungry we would sacrifice and give and groan and weep!!! If we were hungry enough we would be flying to these places and begging for prayer for revival!!!!!!!
In both of the afore mentioned instances there had been a general consensus among the people of God that without revival they would be completely lost. A hunger and a desperation arose among the people which DROVE them to prayer. Until this happens in America we will never see revival. The problem is that we think we are OK. We think it is all going to be alright and that if we live as nice people then life is good. Why worry?
We are so wrong! Evil is filling this land to the brim. The Blood of millions of unborn children is crying out from the ground while the church in this country sleeps the ignorant sleep of the apathetic. The truth is that if we don't wake up and look around us now we will be awakened by God in His mercy through trial and tribulation. Great harvest is coming the question is, "what will God have to do to get us to pray?"
Oh God let the intercessors arise but let them arise with trembling before the coming age!
Come Lord Jesus - have your way in your church - whatever it takes.
Oh God teach us to pray!!!!!