What a faithful and thoughtful lover Jesus is. On Thursday morning I woke up at 5 AM (normal wake up time on Thursdays) and as I got ready the Lord very gently and very firmly began to talk to me about my own heart. He went through several issues I had left unchecked and unsubmitted to His Spirit. One of them was a feeling of stress that I didn't even realize was there.
At Christmas we all get to be around family and that is a mixed blessing for just about everybody. Around certain members of my family I feel a real inadequacy. I am insecure and aprehensive around them. The Lord pointed out my stress to me over the fact that I would be spending time with those people in the next few days. I could do nothing about it so I asked for His help. I asked Him to touch that place and heal me. Almost immediately I felt my heart relax. throughout the next few hours He was singing over me Psalm 23. Specifically this - "I am your shepherd you will not be in want." I felt Him saying to me "Josh I have led you and provided for you and you come up short in no good thing! There is no reason to feel inadequate!!! I love you and I love what I am doing in you!" I cannot tell you how that makes me feel. All of a sudden I knew that I could for once enjoy my family and not hide from them!

I feel so free!

Let me encourage any who may read this:

Open your heart to the lover of your soul! Let Him touch every place you feel less than beautiful! Let Him convince you that He is in love with you! So you may be free to love those who make you feel small! Especially family! What a testimony! To be yourself in the place you feel the least like yourself! I pray Freedom to you in Jesus name!

I love you in the Lord!

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