Look at Exodus 33:15 a verse I return to often because I so believe that this MUST be the cry of the church in this hour. Moses was in a time of crisis. God was fed up with the people and had told him in verse 3 to go on ahead to the Promised Land and that He would give them what He had promised, but He Himself was not going to go up with them. God knew if they persisted in sin His righteous anger would destroy them, and so He told them to go up without His immediate presence. Tell me how many churches and pastors today would have taken that promise and run? You mean the benefits of God without the hassle of holiness; the milk and the honey but without having to worry about His glory, His honor, His jealousy? How many of us today would jump and the chance?
Not Moses. His first response to God’s statement rattles me. God says, “I can’t hang around with you people anymore or I will kill you” and Moses answer was “show me your ways! So I may know you” what? Moses are you even listening to God? It was then that God promises to go with them but does Mo stop there? No way! He goes further! He says boldly “if you will not go with us do not send us up from here!” In other words – “Lord unless we have you all of your promises are worthless!”. God responds again, “I will go with you because you have found favor in my sight” Moses still isn’t done, he hasn’t gotten what he asked for and he is NOT satisfied he says, “I pray you Show ME YOUR GLORY!!!!” Then God reveals Himself, His Goodness, His mercy, His character to Moses in a greater way than He ever had before. God’s revelation was released by Moses hunger. Even when God offers His gifts but without relationship Moses just wanted God Himself, and that is what He was given.
I believe this whole incident was a time of testing for Moses. God wanted to reveal Moses heart. What was Moses really after? We all find out what He was after. He was after the presence of Jehovah! So we MUST BE! In this country of prosperity where SO much of the teaching of the church is about prosperity and happiness and the self – help version of Christianity we must be the ones on our face saying, “God that’s nice but show me your ways! I pray you SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!” Even when we feel like God is angry with us. We have to run hard after Him.
OH Bankrupt Bride when will you wake up to the hunger of your soul? When will you realize how little of your groom you know? Jesus stir us from our lethargy! Open us to our need and the barren reality of our weak broken hearts!
Jesus you are our only hope.